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The new amazing tread in cakes is these fault line cakes also known as torn buttercream cakes. Quick simply it is a buttercream cake with a cracked or exposed layer of naked cake in between. The crack can be designed with sprinkles, macarons, or better yet left naked for a rustic look.

Cakes with Fault Line - Recipe tutorial and inspiration
Fault Line Cake Tutorial

Have you seen the recent trend with fault line cakes? These are almost everywhere and going viral. It started off with some really simple designs but some of the recent ones just blew my mind. So I thought I must share these with you.

Fault Line Cake Tutorials

Veena Azmanov

A detailed tutorial with recipe included of course. Made with 3 x 7-inch cakes. But using just vanilla and chocolate buttercream, no sprinkles. Perfect when you want a fault line cake without sprinkles

By Man about cake.

I think this wedding cake design is the easiest one because you bake all four cakes layers the same size. Fill the sprinkles in the center, then buttercream the top and bottom around the cake and paint the edges gold –

Sugar and sparrow

Beautiful sprinkles and pink rose pink frosting by Sugar and Sparrow on a 6-inch cake.

By – Cakes by Lynz & I love cakes

This rosette fault line Cake Pink and cream one uses 2 x 6-inch cakes and the 2 x 5-inch cakes. Stack the two 6 inch cakes with the two 5 inch cakes in between. Fill the gab with piped buttercream rosettes and then add more buttercream to create the fault line effect. Finally, paint the edges with gold.

By Liliana de Silva

This one is with Rock Candy. A very pretty and this one uses the same method of two 6 inch cakes stacked with two 5-inch cake in between then fill the gap with rock candy

Cake Recipes for Fault line cakes

The best part? There is no special recipe for this cake. You can use any cake recipe you want. Go ahead and choose your favorite cake recipe to bake. Here are some of my favorite layer cakes.

Filling and frosting for the fault line cakes

12 Fault line Cakes for inspiration

Cake Credits – Gallery Images – Shruti’s Cake Addition Sheela’s Bakeway, Aletoso Luxury Cakes, Dulce Para de Angel, Cakes by Lynz, sugar and sparrow

The above cakes were found on Pinterest for Inspiration. Some of the cakes have been credited to their original artists. If you know the name of the artist whose cakes are not credited above – please let me know in the comments so I can update the post with the proper credit link. Thanks

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