Fashionista Cake Tutorials

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These Fashionista Cake Tutorials are perfect for people who love fashion, bags, shoes, etc. Its a perfect cake for fashion designers, fashion bloggers or simply for anyone who loves to dress and lives stylish always

Fashion is an important part of us and speaks so much about ourselves in the form of clothes, shoes, bags and more. However there are a lot of people who fashion on an everyday base and take simple dressing to the next level with the fashion choices they make

Fashionista Cake – Video Tutorials

The below cakes are perfect for the fashion lover you are or someone who take style serious. Perfect for designers, stylist, fashion bloggers and everyone who is a fashionista

How To Make a Fashion HANDBAG Cake with MAKEUP by Cakes StepByStep

How to make a Fashionista Barbie Doll Cake with Fondant by Kuya Boyet

Barbie Fashionista Dress Cake by Deborah Hwang

MAKEUP Fashion Cake by Cakes StepByStep 

Miniature Bags by Cakes StepbyStep

Fashionista cake by Theo’s cakes

How to make a Giant Lipstick Make-up Cake from Creative Cakes by Sharon

Purse cake by Cakes StepByStep

Fashion Cake Toppers by Sweet Creations by Yesenia


Images for Inspiration

The below cakes are made by artist from around the world keeping style and fashion in mind. Check out their creative sugar work and cake sculpting in the below images. Seek ideas for your next fashionista cake keeping in mind shoes, bags, clothes, brands, etc to help you plan a stylish one. Don’t forget to share your next cake project on fashion with us

Cakes by – TortIva, Evgenia Vinokurova, Odelia Judes, jayascakewalk, Rossie’s Sweet Things, Zoe’s Fancy Cakes, sugargeekuniversity, frostitcakery,, Vikki Joyful Cakes

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