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Have you ever been overwhelmed with too much information or rather too much conflicting information? Do you wish that someone would help by filtering out all the resources so you can watch only the cream de la cream tutorials? Well, that’s what we aim to do here. Show you the best tutorials free and paid along with inspirations for your projects Read more…

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cake flowers using sculpting tools

Palette Knife Painting

These Palette Knife Painting On Cakes tutorials teach you how to paint on butercream with knives. Learn to make flowers and other paintings with frostings on cake using a palette knife

A plate with a slice of lemon cake.

Lemon layer cake

A refreshingly moist lemon cake recipe that’s perfect at any time of the day. Delicious on its own but even better when filled and frosted for a celebration. Perfect to cover with fondant or stacked for tiered cakes.

Slices of wedding cake.

Cake portion guide

When planning a cake whether it’s for an event or wedding we all think of cake flavors and decorations First. But, you will also need this cake portion guide to decide how much cake you need to make