Striped Buttercream Cake Tutorial

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How to create Striped Buttercream Cakes

The recent trend in cakes has been the striped buttercream cake effect. It looks complicated but with the right tools, perfect frosting and patience it can be as easy as it looks. Today, I will share the best tutorials and recipes you can use to create the perfect stripes on your buttercream cakes.

How to make Striped on Buttercream Cake - Tutorials
Image source – Pinterest (Striped Buttercream Cake)

If you look at Instagram, buttercream cakes are the most in trend these days. The two most recent of course are the fault line cakes and buttercream striped cakes.

It looks very complicated and difficult but, guess what? Not really. If you organize your cake process with enough time this can be a piece of cake.

Useful Tips and Tools

  • The most important tool you need for these buttercream stripe cakes is the buttercream combs. I have the Wilton but you can also buy these in metal.
  • You will also need a metal straight edge bench scraper to smooth the sides. It’s best to use metal bench scrapers for your cakes so you can dip them in hot water and get smooth sides.
  • The rest is, of course, basic cake boards, off-set spatulas, turn-table. etc.

The process starts with the basics

  • Bake your cakes – Cool the cake completely (more below) –
  • Prepare the right frosting (more below)
  • Crumb coat the cake – chill 15 mins (this helps keep those crumb from getting into the other frosting)
  • Second coat – apply a generous amount of frosting and smooth it.
    Tips – You do want a generous frosting so when you use the comb it scrapes only the frosting not the cake or crumb coat inside.
  • Use the square comb, holding between 45 and 90-degree angle works best. A smooth but firm scrape with the comb will give you those groves. You can go over it more than once as long as you line it up properly.
  • Chill the cake thoroughly – This is VERY important – chill the cake for at least 30 mins in the fridge or 10 minutes in the freezer.
  • Fill the next color/s in piping bags – pipe the frosting into the grove.
  • Once all the grooves are filled – use a flat edges bench scraper. Smooth the sides. It will look messy at first but as you continue to smooth those smooth straight lines will show thru.
  • Finally, as we do with all cakes, dip the bench scraper in hot water – wipe it then smooth the cake holding it at a 45-degree angle.
  • You should have a perfectly striped buttercream cake.
  • Do not overdo it at this point to prevent scraping off too much and losing the lines completely.

What frosting is best for striped buttercream cakes?

A butter-based frosting is best for making these stripped cakes. Why? It is very important that your second coat with the groves be completely cold (or frozen) before you fill the groves with the second color.

A frosting made with vegetable shortening will not chill as well as a butter-based frosting will. Nor will a cream cheese frosting become as firm as butter-based frosting. Here are some frostings that will work perfectly with this strip techniques

What cake is best for striped buttercream cakes?

You don’t need a special cake recipe for this technique. You can use any cake recipe you want butter or oil-based cakes both work just as well. You can find all my layer cake recipes here on my blog Veena Azmanov. I have over 50 cake recipes with lots of different flavors.

Buttercream Striped Tutorials

Chelsweet – this is a very well explained tutorial

Rosie’s dessert spot

Sugar and Sparrow

My cake school

Buttercream Striped Cake – Inspiration

cakes by – Lovelicakes, Frosted Fuki Cakes, Baking with Blondi, sugarcoatesbakery, Kathrine Sabbath,

The above cakes were found on Pinterest for Inspiration. Some of the cakes have been credited to their original artists. If you know the name of the artist whose cakes are not credited above – please let me know in the comments so I can update the post with the proper credit link. Thanks

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