4 BEST Gumpaste Poinsettia Tutorials

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Four BEST Gumpaste Poinsettia Tutorials

Seems like Christmas is almost here. Hence, you are probably looking to adorn your cakes with beautiful gumpaste poinsettia flowers. So, here are a few tutorials that we think are worthwhile watching. These are the creme de la creme of cake decorating tutorials from around the world. Conveniently available for you in one place.

Learn to make perfect gumpaste poinsettia sugar flowers with these amazing video and step by step picture tutorials.
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A note on the Poinsettia flower

The poinsettia flower is native to Mexico. Also known as the ‘lobster flower’ and ‘Mexican flame flower’. Its main feature is a single female flower with no petals, and usually no sepals. The male flowers surround the female flower, in a cup-shaped structure called a cyathium.

The poinsettia can be red, pink, white, as well as in dual colors. While it is referred to as a flower, it actually only consists of leaves and bracts.

Due to the fact, that it blooms in December, Poinsettia is very popular during Christmas. As a result, it appears on many Christmas cakes. In addition, it’s also often used in wedding cakes. In addition, the shape of the Poinsettia flower and leaves resemble the Star of Bethlehem.

Also, the Poinsettia is also the national emblem of Madagascar.

Video tutorials – Gumpaste Poinsettia

Fancy Cakes by Linda 

by Bobbie Notto

Video Tutorial – Gum paste Poinsettia for Cupcakes

by Global Sugar Art


Step by Step Picture Tutorials

In addition, those of you who love a step by step progress pictures while working will find these tutorials by Veena Azmanov useful.

How to make gumpaste Poinsettia Sugar Flowers using Poinsettia Cutters and

How to make gumpaste poinsettia sugar flowers using Leaf cutters. 

Premium Tutorial

Learn from the best in the industry – Gumpaste Poinsettia by Nicholas Lodge. Use my Affiliate link to get this special discount below.

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