Carved Buttercream Cake Tutorials

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These Carved Buttercream Cake Tutorials teach you how to make buttercream cakes with carvings done on it using tools for carving

These cakes are absolutely gorgeous and the art of creating these beauties with buttercream is something to learn. You will love the effects and styling of these cakes when done with colorful frosting

blue and green cake with swirls carved in it

Carved Buttercream Cakes – Video Tutorials

check out the below tutorials on how to make a buttercream carved cake using colorful frosting and carving tools. These are stunning cakes that are made by artist from around the world


Carved Buttercream Heart Cake by British Girl Bakes

Trying to Carve FROZEN Buttercream by The Icing Artist 

Beautiful Buttercream Carving Cake by Walton Cake Boutique

Scratch Art Cake Carving For Beginners with a Twist by Cakes with Lorelie

Carved Buttercream Cake by Gratitude Baker


Images for Inspiration

Here are a few cakes made by artist from around the world with carvings done in the cake using buttercream frosting and carving tools

This art is beautiful and easy to do as well. The combination of shades makes the overall cake prettier, so make sure to try this art

Cakes by – lindenparkwhisk, tigga_mac, tigga_mac, Happylittlecakers, Ashley | Creative Cake Hub, Tortik Annushka, delaney’s desserts, Vera Craft, hanielas

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