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These Easter Egg Tutorials will teach you how to make Easter eggs, from chocolate eggs to marzipan. Learn how to make Easter goodies from scratch with these fun tutorials

Easter is nearing, and here are the Easter treats you would enjoy making for friends and family. From the making of it to the packaging, learn it all

Easter Egg Tutorials – Video

Firstly, we begin with how to make chocolate shells using melted chocolate and then move towards more variations like making Easter eggs out of marzipan and eggs with fillings

How to make chocolate eggs by Allrecipes UK | Ireland

Then, learn how To Make Chocolate Easter Eggs by Cake Craft World

Next, geometric ‘Pink Diamond’ Chocolate Easter Egg Tutorial with Gumpaste Bow by CakesbyLynz

Moreover, learn Marzipan Easter Eggs by The Aspiring Home Cook

Also, chocolate Easter egg by Akis Petretzikis

Further on, we have the Surprise Easter Chocolate Egg by Tasty Treat

Moreover, here’s a Marzipan Easter Eggs Workshop Online Paid class by BakeAlish

And, coconut Eggs by Hungry Happenings

Amazing Chocolate Eggs by How To Cook That 

Lastly, marzipan Easter Eggs – How to Decorate Marzipan Easter Eggs by Veena Azmanov

Images for Inspiration

Here are a few easter eggs made by artists from around the globe. Get inspired by their beautiful creations to make fancy eggs this Easter. From chocolate shells to marzipan eggs, its all in here. Filled eggs to eggs made with almonds and cashews, get crazy with interesting ideas and creative decoration

Easter eggs by – Lorraine Abraham, martha stewart, zuccherofondente, Gabriela Rossi, Aggeliki Manta, JCake cake designer, Nikoletta Giourga, Roby’s Sweet Cakes, Caramel’s Cake di Maria Grazia Tomaselli, AdkasCakesCreations, Mina’s cakes and cookies

The above cakes were found on Pinterest for Inspiration. Some of the cakes have been credited to their original artists. If you know the name of the artist whose cakes are not credited above – please let me know in the comments so I can update the post with the proper credit link. Thanks

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