Cake Painting Tutorials

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These Cake Painting Tutorials teach you how to paint on cake with edible colors. Learn to paint on fondant cakes, buttercream cakes and more

Cake painting is fun to do and therapeutic too. Painting is an art itself and putting it together with cake takes it to the next level. In the below tutorials you will learn how to paint flowers, figurines and more using edible colors and cake painting techniques

Cake Painting – Video Tutorials

Seek ideas and learn the art from the below tutorials. From basic painting techniques for beginners to a slightly advance one’s too

Easy Tips for Painting on Cake by Kyong’s Cakes n Crafts

Beginner Cake Painting Tutorial by FiveTwoBaker

Hand painted cake for beginners by Miss Yummy Cakes

How to Paint on Cake with Gel Colors by FiveTwoBaker

Buttercream Painted Cake by samia’s kitchen

Abstract painting tutorial by BK Floral Delight by Jiahn

How to paint on Fondant by Ellis Cakes

Painted Magnolia Cake by Cold Porcelain FLOWERS Christina WALLIS

Hand Painting Cake On Whipped Cream by Bake With Banu Samee

How To Paint On Cake With Gel Food Colors | Painting on Fondant by samia’s kitchen

Images For Inspiration

Below are cakes painted by artist from around the world using edible food colors and brushes. Some with floral works and the others with realistic looking paintings. Get inspired by their creative artwork and seek ideas from their creations given below. Have fun with painting !!

Cakes by – sweetnessandbite, cakeheads, tomima, Dsweetcakery, Albena Nacheva, Sue Deeble, daruj tortu, Branka Vukcevic, emilyhankins, Couture cakes by Olga, Couture cakes by Olga,

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