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These Standing heart cake tutorials teach you how to make a gravity defying heart cake. Learn to sculpt a heart shape cake

Heart shape cakes are perfect for a loved one, for an anniversary or simpy Valentines Day. A standing heart looks good and can surprise people as to how is it even standing

bridal wedding dress effect using a heart shaped cake

Standing heart cake tutorials – videos

Learn to create a standing heart cake with these below tutorials on how to carve and sculpt a standing heart shape cake

Standing Heart Cake by Nidhi Creative Kitchen

Easy Standing Heart Cake by Clarisa’s Creations

Standing Heart cake by Soha’s kitchen

Gravity Defying Standing Heart Cake by Food Connection

How to Make a Gravity Defying Heart Shaped Cake | We Heart Cake

Standing Heart Cake by The Sugar Scoop

Double Heart Valentines Day Cake by Sophisticakes By Mary

 Gravity defying standing heart cake by Sunita’s Cakes & Cooking Classes

 Heart Cake by Sugar Geek Show

Images for Inspiration

Below are a few heart shaped cakes with different decorations, colors and patterns. Get inspired by these beautiful cakes to create your own standing heart cake

Cakes by – Sugar Prunk, Pinkle, Monti, Sara, Nana Rose Cake, Rody academy, Seema Tyagi, Puckycakes, Maria, CakeMeOver

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