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These Alice in Wonderland Cake Tutorials are perfect for Mad Hatter cake lovers or simply a fun idea for Kids Birthday Cakes

With so many characters and elements from the movie, this cake has so much creativity and ideas that you can play around with. From the fondant clock, sugar made mushrooms, Alice and other characters, and the famous mad hatter. It’s a fun topic for a cake project so let’s begin

Alice in Wonderland Cake Tutorials with a cup on it and the mousse on the cake made of sugar
Rick Zavala

What does Alice in Wonderland theme mean?

The “Alice in Wonderland” theme refers to designs, motifs, ideas, and concepts inspired by Lewis Carroll’s famous novel “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland” and its sequel, “Through the Looking-Glass.” The story, characters, and whimsical elements of the books have inspired countless adaptations in film, theater, art, and other mediums. An “Alice in Wonderland” theme often incorporates some of the following elements:

  1. Characters: Characters like Alice, the Mad Hatter, the White Rabbit, the Cheshire Cat, the Queen of Hearts, the Caterpillar, Tweedledee and Tweedledum, and others are iconic and commonly featured in themed decorations, costumes, and designs.
  2. Whimsical Elements: The nonsensical and fantastical nature of Wonderland lends itself to imaginative designs. Oversized mushrooms, floating tea cups, peculiar clocks, and twisted trees are some of the elements that might be included.
  3. Playing Cards: The Queen of Hearts and her army of playing cards play a significant role in the story. Playing card symbols – hearts, diamonds, clubs, and spades – are often used in decorations.
  4. Tea Party: The Mad Hatter’s tea party is one of the most memorable scenes in the book. A chaotic and endless tea party setup with mismatched tea cups, teapots, and eccentric table settings can be a centerpiece for an “Alice in Wonderland” themed event.
  5. Quotes: The book is known for its quirky and memorable quotes. Phrases like “We’re all mad here,” “Curiouser and curiouser!” or “Off with their heads!” might be incorporated into decorations or invitations.
  6. Colors: While the book itself doesn’t necessarily have a fixed color scheme, many adaptations, especially films, have presented Wonderland in bright, saturated colors, often with a dreamlike or surreal quality.
  7. Checkered Patterns: Inspired by the sequel “Through the Looking-Glass,” where the events take place on a giant chessboard, checkered patterns often feature in themed designs.
  8. Rabbit Hole: The story begins with Alice falling down a rabbit hole into Wonderland. This element can be creatively incorporated into designs, perhaps as an entranceway or a decorative motif.

An “Alice in Wonderland” theme can be whimsical and childlike or have a more mature, even slightly gothic, twist depending on the intended audience and the nature of the event. It’s a versatile theme that offers many creative possibilities, making it popular for parties, weddings, theater productions, and more.

Alice in wonderland cake by Hey Sugar Sugar!

Alice In Wonderland Cake by HappyCake

Alice in Wonderland Ditsy Floral Cake Tutorial by Little Cherry Cake

What cake and frosting works best for Alice in wonderland theme

When designing an “Alice in Wonderland” cake, think about the particular elements or scenes from the story that resonate most with you or the person you’re baking for. From there, you can select flavors and decorations that best bring that vision to life. Whether you’re drawing inspiration from the book illustrations, movie adaptations, or your imagination, the key is to have fun and let creativity run wild!

Cake Flavors:

  1. Earl Grey Tea Cake: Pay homage to the Mad Hatter’s tea party. An Earl Grey flavored cake infuses the refined taste of tea into the sponge.
  2. Red Velvet: A nod to the Queen of Hearts. The rich red color can be representative of the heart cards or the Red Queen herself.
  3. Lemon or Orange Cake: A bright and zesty orange or lemon flavor can reflect the vibrant and whimsical nature of Wonderland.
  4. Checkerboard Cake: Inspired by the chessboard in “Through the Looking-Glass,” you can alternate vanilla and chocolate squares for a visually striking interior.
  5. Carrot Cake: A nod to the White Rabbit, given his penchant for nibbling!

Frosting and Fillings:

  1. Cream Cheese Frosting: Pairs well with red velvet and carrot cake. It offers a tangy complement to the sweet cake.
  2. Swiss Meringue Buttercream: Its smoothness is ideal for creating a clean canvas, especially if you want to paint or use intricate decorations. You can easily tint it with gel food colors to achieve bright Wonderland colors.
  3. Chocolate Ganache: Rich and decadent, it can be used for drips or as a filling, especially if you’re making a checkerboard cake.
  4. Fruit Jams or Curds: Lemon curd or raspberry jam can add a burst of flavor and could represent the bright and unexpected turns in the story.

Decorative Elements:

  1. Fondant: It can be used to create characters, card suits, or other 3D elements. Its smooth finish can resemble the peculiar and dreamy atmosphere of Wonderland.
  2. Edible Paints or Gold Leaf: Great for adding details, especially if you’re attempting to make a vintage or whimsical design.
  3. Colored Buttercream: You can use piping techniques to create flowers, patterns, or the Cheshire Cat’s iconic grin.
  4. Edible Flowers: To capture the enchanting garden scenes.
  5. Sprinkles or Edible Glitter: For a touch of whimsy.

Alice in Wonderland Cake Tutorial by Yeners Cake Tips – Yeners Way

POCKET WATCH by Caketastic Cakes

How To Make A Topsy Turvy Tiered Teacup Cake For An Alice In Wonderland Tea Party by The Icing Artist

What colors work best with Alice in wonderland theme?

When selecting colors for an “Alice in Wonderland” themed cake, you can also take cues from specific illustrations you love, whether from the original book, various adaptations, or movie versions. Remember, Wonderland is a place where the usual rules don’t apply, so you have complete freedom to play with colors and combinations as you see fit!

  1. Blues and Whites:
    • Alice’s Dress: A light blue or azure, representative of Alice’s iconic dress.
    • White: For the White Rabbit or the contrast in Alice’s apron.
  2. Reds and Blacks:
    • Queen of Hearts: Bright red, associated with hearts and the fierce Queen herself.
    • Playing Cards: Black and red can be used to represent the suits of cards, especially hearts and spades.
    • Checkered Pattern: Black and white checkers can also evoke the chessboard theme from “Through the Looking-Glass.”
  3. Greens:
    • Cheshire Cat: While often portrayed as pink or purple in many adaptations, the Cheshire Cat in some versions is green.
    • Garden Scene: Various shades of green can be used to represent the lush gardens that Alice wanders through.
  4. Pinks and Purples:
    • Cheshire Cat: The iconic grin can be rendered in bright pink or purple.
    • Flowers: The talking flowers in the golden afternoon scene can be represented with various shades of pink, purple, and other floral colors.
  5. Yellows and Golds:
    • Golden Afternoon: The garden scene where flowers sing can be represented with golden hues.
    • Tea Party: Gold can also evoke the vintage and ornate details of the Mad Hatter’s tea party.
  6. Browns and Earthy Tones:
    • Mad Hatter: The Hatter’s hat and some elements of his attire.
    • March Hare: For fur and details.
    • Setting: Representing the woods or pathways Alice explores.
  7. Pastel Tones:
    • If you’re aiming for a more dreamy and delicate version of Wonderland, pastel tones can beautifully capture the fairy-tale essence. Soft blues, pinks, yellows, and greens can give a more ethereal touch.



What patterns and designs work best with Alice in wonderland theme cakes?

When crafting an “Alice in Wonderland” cake, layering different elements, using height, and playing with scale (giant mushrooms, tiny doors, etc.) can enhance the whimsical and unpredictable nature of Wonderland. Remember, the story is all about fantastical adventures and unexpected turns, so let your creativity run wild!

  1. Playing Card Motifs:
    • The suits (hearts, diamonds, clubs, and spades) are a central symbol, especially linked to the Queen of Hearts.
    • Card soldiers can be used as decorative elements.
  2. Checkered Patterns:
    • Drawing inspiration from the chessboard in “Through the Looking-Glass,” a checkered pattern, especially in black and white, can be used for the cake’s exterior or even its interior layers.
  3. Tea Party Elements:
    • Teacups, teapots, pocket watches (linked to the White Rabbit’s time obsession), and other tableware.
    • Floating teacups or a topsy-turvy cake design can capture the chaotic nature of the Mad Hatter’s tea party.
  4. Whimsical Garden Elements:
    • Painted roses (white roses being painted red) to represent the Queen’s garden.
    • Edible flowers or fondant flowers, drawing from the singing flowers Alice encounters.
    • Mushrooms, particularly the caterpillar’s mushroom.
  5. Clocks and Watches:
    • The White Rabbit’s pocket watch is a recurring motif. Timepieces, set to the tea-time (6 o’clock), can be incorporated into the design.
  6. Keyholes and Keys:
    • Representing the various doors and challenges Alice faces. A vintage key or an ornate keyhole can be a central design element.
  7. Cheshire Cat Elements:
    • Stripes in pink or purple, reflecting the Cheshire Cat’s appearance.
    • The iconic grin or the entire disappearing act of the Cheshire Cat can be portrayed.
  8. Borders and Swirls:
    • Curlicues, scrollwork, and Victorian-inspired borders can give the cake a vintage storybook feel, evoking the time period of the original story.
  9. Alice Silhouette or Portraits:
    • Whether it’s Alice’s profile, her falling down the rabbit hole, or a full portrayal, she’s a central element to any “Alice in Wonderland” theme.
    • Scripting or painting memorable quotes from the story, like “We’re all mad here,” “Curiouser and curiouser!” or “Off with their heads!” can be an added touch.
  11. Other Characters:
    • Fondant or sugar paste figures of the Mad Hatter, March Hare, Dormouse, Caterpillar, Tweedledee and Tweedledum, and others can add depth and dimension to the cake.
  12. Ribbons and Bows:
    • Reflecting the Victorian era and adding a touch of elegance.
  13. Rabbit Hole:
    • An edible image or a design showing Alice’s tumble down the rabbit hole can serve as a fun visual.

    Alice in wonderland hat cake by madebysiany

    ALICE IN WONDERLAND – Alice Doll Cake by Tan Dulce by Grisel

    Images For Inspiration

    Check out cakes made by artist from around the world based on the Alice in wonderland and mad hatter theme. These cakes are carved and some of them are made to look absolutely realistic. Get inspired from the various sugar elements made by the artist and try them out for your next cake project

    Cakes by – leannes cakesgeelong, Rick Zavala, The Buttercream Pantry, doces opcoes, Iryna Mahda, little peach cakery, Angela Penta, Rose Cakes, Natasa Topalovic, Sugar Canvas,

    The above cakes were found on Pinterest for Inspiration. Some of the cakes have been credited to their original artists. If you know the name of the artist whose cakes are not credited above – please let me know in the comments so I can update the post with the proper credit link. Thanks

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