Ombre effect Cake Tutorials

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These Ombre effect Cake Tutorials teach you how to make an Ombre cake with buttercream, fondant, etc. Learn how to make ombre effect wedding cakes and birthday cakes too

Ombre effect is using a colors from shades light to dark. For example using a dark blue and then going lighter as you progress upwards or downwards on the cake. Its all about playing with shades. You may understand this better as you view the below tutorials

ruffle cake with green ombre effect
Sada Ray

Ombre effect Cake – Video Tutorials

Ombre effect can be done by applying buttercream frosting or even piping it over the cake. Creating rosettes and even covering the cake with fondant ruffles, there’s so much you could do. Check out the below videos to seek ideas

Perfect ombre buttercream cake by Bunscoat

Watercolor Buttercream Ombre Tutorial by Sugar and Sparrow

Ombre Cake by Preppy Kitchen

Ombre Buttercream Cake | Midnight Blue | Gaely Cake

How to create different Ombre effects on a cake by Eva Enns

DIY Frosting an OMBRE CAKE by Hmong Baker

Chocolate Ombre Cake by Areesa

Decorate an Ombré Rosette Cake – CAKE STYLE

OMBRE CAKE Tutorial by British Girl Bakes

Easy and Vibrant Purple Ombre Cake Tutorial by Rosie’s Dessert Spot 

Images For Inspiration

Here are a few images and ideas on how to make an ombre effect cake. Learn the art from artist around the world and get ideas and color palettes from the below cakes. From fondant ruffles to working with the rosettes nozzle, its all in here keeping in mind the ombre effect on cakes

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