4 BEST Chandelier Wedding Cakes Tutorials

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These are the 4 BEST Chandelier Wedding Cakes Tutorials that will inspire you with ideas and creative wedding cake designs. Perfect for couples who are looking for something different and unusual for their big day

Structured cakes are now the latest trend. Each one trying to achieve a new height to the concept of gravity-defying cakes. These chandelier wedding cakes also called hanging cakes are now in a rage and rightfully so. There are still very few tutorials on how to make them but here are just a few we found worth watching including the premium tutorials.

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A Collection of Chandelier Cake Tutorials. How to make a Chandelier Wedding Cake


Verusca Walker has shared a video which explains everything that you need to know about the Chandelier Cake structure. From getting the basic structure ready to the stacking of cakes. Check out the video below to know more…

Upside Down Cake

Elegance On Display creates some really gorgeous cakes. Join them in this video as they pass you through everything they did while creating this upside down beauty

Upside down hanging cake by Vanille Tanz

Images for Inspiration

Chandelier cake also known as hanging cake is a cake that’s known to be upside down. Here are a few creative ideas from artist around the globe. Some made with fresh flowers and some made with sugar flowers. Seek ideas and more creative patterns from the below cakes

Cakes by – kellys little cakery, Indulgence by Shazneen Ali, Marina Danovska, The Cakes Icing, The Little Caker, Subhashini, creative cakes by monica , Sweet Symphony, Claire, Brandy-The Icing & The Cake, Cake’D By Niqua

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