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Here are some Unicorn Cookie Tutorials that are perfect for a little girl’s Birthday party or for a Unicorn Theme party too. Learn how to ice a unicorn cookie from scratch and how to decorate these cookies in fun patterns and creative ideas

If your planning on having a unicorn theme birthday, these cookies are going to be appreciated

blue fondant cookie with a unicorn fondant cut
jaritas cookies

Unicorn Cookie Tutorials (Videos)

How to make UNICORN HEAD & CUTE RAINBOW COOKIES – Step by Step tutorial by Cookielicious NZ 

How to Decorate Simple Unicorn Cookies by Sweetopia

Rainbow Unicorn Cookies by Always Eaton Sweets (keeping up to the fun rainbow theme at the same time)

Unicorn Cookies by Emma’s Sweets

How To Make Unicorn Cookies by Sharilyn’s Cookie Studio

Unicorn Party Cookie Tutorial by The Flour Box Shop

How to make CUTE UNICORN COOKIES with multicolour mane by Cookielicious NZ

Unicorn Cookies by Dulcia Bakery

Unicorn Cookie Decorating Tutorial by BakerBaker Cookies

Unicorn Cookies Tutorial by Kitschcakes

Images For Inspiration

Here are a few cookies that are iced with a unicorn theme. These cookie images are from around the world from some renowned artist who, with their creation ideology have made icing on a cookie look fun and exciting

From rainbow theme ones to iced little white horses, these unicorn cookies are a treat to make

So, get inspired to make these fun cookies from scratch and share your images and ideas with us too, from simple cutter cookies to 3D effect unicorns

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