Pull me up cake tutorials

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Here are a few Pull me up cake tutorials that are easy decorated cake tutorials with a simple technique to making a fun Birthday Cake

The pull me up cake is cake that has a frosting flowing all around the cake once the plastic piece on the sides of the cake is pulled over. The frosting flows like lava is the reason this cake has been trending on social media

a purple dress doll pull me up cake tutorial

Pull me up cake tutorials – Videos

PULL ME UP CAKE by Cakes by MK

Pull Me Up Cinderella Doll Cake by Bristi Home Kitchen

Pull me up doll cake by Monty’s Cakes

Trending Princess Pull me up cake by Hafsa’s Kitchen 

Chocolate Pull Me Up Cake Recipe by CookingShooking Hindi

PULL ME UP GLITTER DOLL CAKE by Sindulgence Cakes by Drishti

Chocolate Cake Recipe | How To Make Pull Me Up Cake by Tasty Food With Maria

Pull Me Up Jasmine Doll Cake by Jols Kitchen (Disney cakes can never go old, and pull me up style disney cake is loved by all, from children to adults, we all love it)


Images for Inspiration

Here are a few pull me up cakes that are fun to make and easy too. Its not the cake that difficult to carve and yet so much to have at a party

If you looking for something easy and quick, this is it !!

Cakes by – Cuisine Crush, The Home Baker by Nafiza, Cakes Corner, Tasty kitchen by Ruksana shabab, hello yummy, Trusha’s Cooking Studio, cakexpo, avon bakers, just cakes pune, Daily Delights

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