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Learn to make Animal Theme Cake Tutorials with fondant animal figurines, jungle effect or safari theme cakes with these fun tutorials

An Animal Theme Cake is perfect for kids, animal lovers,vets and everyone who’s fond of the wild creatures. There’s so many creative things you can do with cake and with a theme like this one their endless options to make with sugarpaste and icing

jungle theme effect

Animal Theme Cake Tutorials – Videos

Below are some of the best tutorials we’ve found over the internet. They teach you how to make an Animal Theme Cake from scratch taking your creativity to the next level

Animals Theme Cake by Seller FactG

Animal Theme Birthday Cake Tutorial by Seller FactG

Fondant Jungle Animals by Sely – Fondant Diary

Zoo Animal Birthday Cake by In Love With Icing Cake

Wild Animal Cake by I Love Cakes

How To Make Birthday Cake Jungle Theme by Pandit Cake Point

Easy Animal Cakes by Cakes StepByStep

Chocolate Tiger by Amaury Guichon

How to make jungle animals cake by Top Cake knowledge

Jungle cake making ideas for beginners by Cake ideas

Images for Inspiration

Below are cakes made by artist from around the world with an animal theme like jungle safari. From little fondant animals to details like fondant grass, leaves, water fall, etc

There’s so much in here to get inspired for your next cake project. Dont miss the tarzan (jungle man) made from sugarpaste in the below picture

Cakes by – Homebaker, pasteleriadc, Cuteology Cakes, Zaklina, Karen Dodenbier, LION´S CAKES PEDRO LEON, Alll, OSLAVKA, Radoslava Kirilova (Radiki’s Cakes), Silvia, Couture cakes by Olga

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