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These Jelly Fruit Cake tutorials are the trending cakes these days for Birthdays. It is a combination of cake sponge, frostings, and jelly with fruits

Jelly Fruit Cake Tutorials- the jelly layer that is filled with fruits in it like oranges, strawberry, pomegranate, grapes and more

Learn how to make these gorgeous-looking beauties using jelly. These cakes don’t just look great but are loaded with a variety of fruits that give you a blast of juice in every bite

What is jelly fruit cake like?

It has a cake sponge on the inside, that’s covered with a frosting of your choice, it could be cream cheese too. The cake is then covered with fruits of your choice, the more the color, the better the look. The fruits are then covered with jelly to give them a transparent effect which enhances their beauty and also keeps the fruits together. So, let’s get started !!

Does jelly fruit cake taste good?

Jelly fruit cake is a delicious delicacy that combines cake with sweet fruits, indulgent jelly, and rich creamy frosting to create a heavenly dessert. This cake is perfect for special occasions or just as a tasty treat after dinner. With its irresistible flavor and soft texture, it’s sure to satisfy even the pickiest of eaters.

Components found in jelly cakes

  • Cake – The perfect traditional jelly fruit cake can be made with a light, fluffy vanilla sponge layer. For best results, you will want to use either a baked or bought-in so the layers don’t stick and create too dry of a cake.
  • Jelly – The jelly needs to be thick and evenly spread between each layer, giving the cake its signature look and jelly-filled center. To get the perfect thickness of jelly, use either pre-made vegan jellies or make your own with agar-agar.
  • Fruit Filling – For added flavor and texture, you can add a few layers of fresh seasonal fruits like berries and diced apples or mangoes in between each layer of sponge, custard, or cream to add extra sweetness and a little crunch.
  • Cream Topping – Nothing beats homemade creamy topping but if you’re short on time shop-bought alternatives work just as well! Pre-made egg white custards are also great alternatives that are low in fat and additive-free but still provide enough flavor for this fruity treat!
  • Glaze – If your cake has exposed fruits, give the fruits an added lift by using an apricot glaze for decoration purposes! This glaze will help seal in the moisture from all the juices from the fruit resulting in a moist finished product every time!
  • Presentation – With pops of color it’s easy to show everyone how creative you can be when it comes to crafting up something special with your jelly fruit cake! For example – Serve multiple mini cakes at once or one larger stunner that can easily be shared as dessert at any gathering!

Jelly Fruit Cake Tutorials – Videos

Awesome fruit cake by Готовим с Оксаной Пашко

Beautiful Fruit Jelly Cheesecake Recipe by Boone Bake

How to make mango cheesecake by Boone Bake

FRUIT SPONGE CAKE with JELLY by Kitchen Journal By Kalpana

Fruit Jelly Cake Recipe by Cooking tree

Strawberry Custard Cake by Cooking With Mary

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Jelly fruit Cakes For Inspiration

Jelly cakes when covered with fruits can make a perfect Birthday cake too. The colorful appearance with the blast of fruits in every bite is not just loved by kids but also by adults

If you’re looking at making a fun bright and colorful cake, these cake images are going to help

Here are a few cakes from artists around the world. So, soak in some creative ideas and stock up on some fruits to get this post working

Cakes by – sugar geek show, svetlana.sweetmagic__osnk, sauleta virtuve, fine baking, recipes-online,,,, omg chocolate desserts

The above cakes were found on Pinterest for Inspiration. Some of the cakes have been credited to their original artists. If you know the name of the artist whose cakes are not credited above – please let me know in the comments so I can update the post with the proper credit link. Thanks

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