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Are you trying to make the perfect macarons at home? Or simply looking for a good macaron recipe? We’ve got you covered. From making basic macarons to various shapes and flavors, learn all of it from the below tutorials made by artists around the globe

A stack of macarons on a plate.
50 Macaron Recipes to try

Macarons are considered the trickiest cookies to make. There are a number of methods and styles for making Macarons. From French to Italian methods, tips and tricks to making macarons.
Check these videos for all the techniques below

French Method

Veena Azmanov



By Preppy Kitchen

Cupcake Jemma

Veena Azmanov

Joconde’s baking

Cooking tree 쿠킹트리*Cooking ASMR


Macaron Academy

Butterlicioussg by Jesslyn Tey

Italian Method

The Italian method has some cooking involved. There is a little more work in here but it’s worth the effort

Bake Toujours

Pastry living with Aya

Sheri bakes

By Chelsweets

Home cooking adventure


Cupcakes & Studmuffins

Cal the baker – CTB

Eggless Macaron Recipes

Vegan or eggless macarons recipes are more prominent these days. Learn to use various egg substitutes to make an eggless version of macarons. Egg-free macarons taste and feel a little different from regular macs, but they’re definitely worth a try

Bake with Shivesh

The cupcake confession

Pies and tacos

Trupti’s Tastysweetzncakes

Urvi’s Creamy Creations Cake Decorating made Easy

Chocolate Macaron Recipes

Who doesn’t love chocolate? I could never say no to chocolate-flavored macs. They’re delicious. Choose the recipe you want to make first and get lost in its chocolate flavors

Home cooking adventure

Sugar Geek

Sugar bean

Pies and tacos

Cupcake Jemma

Nicky Grant

Heart-shaped Macaron Recipes

These are perfect for Valentine’s day or simply to gift someone special. Its the regular macaron batter made in a heart shape.

Learn from a couple of tips & tricks shared in the given videos below

Macaron shapes

We love macarons in various shapes. And these are so cute. Learn to make fun shapes and characters using the regular macaron batter. Its all about doing it carefully either by tracing the shape below or playing with colorful macaron batters

Their not easy to do, nor difficult too. But get started with shapes only when you master your basics on macaron making

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